About us



Company Profile.

Phaeton Wedding Cars Company was founded in the early ‘00s at the same time the foundation of the Technological Phaeton Museum was established.

All the available cars are in great shape and their final image surpasses their initial status. You can get informed , choose or rent our cars for your venue.

The subsidiary Phaeton Wedding Cars was founded because of relatives and friends requests to take them to church on their wedding day.

Based upon our long-term experience we chose 30 to 40 exhibits of our 120 total found in the Museum to be the most appropriate for your venues and always according to your tastes.

The Phaethon Museum exhibit collection has been assembled gradually over the last 50 years and continues to grow even today.

The selected cars are available throughout Greece for your venues.

Our advantages!


The state of all our cars goes beyond their original patina and you can get detailed information about our available fleet.


After many years of experience, we have distinguished our 102 exhibits of our Museum from about 30 to 40 which would be the most appropriate and according to the public's preferences for rental of events.


A unique set of company models that no longer exist, but in their era they created the Legend of the International Automotive Industry.

Our mission

Our company,

Phaeton Wedding Cars is a subsidiary of the Phaeton Museum with the purpose of selectively renting exhibits of the Museum for various social events.



Hire of exhibits

for weddings, baptisms, special events, anniversary events, private tours to tourists, VIP transfers, outdoor photography.


Early scheduling,

is an additional facility for any rental of special vehicles on request, which may require more preparation time.



Exceptionally special vehicles.

Our company may exceptionally allocate special vehicles - rental exhibits owned by former VIP owners who were legends in Greece and internationally, subject to special agreement.


specialized staff

The specialized personnel of our company can inform you of any necessary information or clarification as well as the respective prices and other terms according to the company's regulations and availability on the date you wish.