Our Services


Give a classic scense to the most beautiful moment of your life with one of our vehicles to accompany you.


Is your little angel baptized? We are here to offer a drive to the church in style.

 VIP Transport

Do you want the VIP guest in your event to move in style and air of another era? We can help!

Outdoor Photoshoots

Our vehicles are kept in excellent condition and can be used in any kind of shoot.

Anniversary Events

Enrich your event with some of our unique cars.

Special Events

Anything you can organize,we will find a car that fits.

Personal Moments

Accompany your personal moments with one of our dream vehicles.

Special Services


Enjoy your sightseeing in an exclusive  tour with one of our cars!


Children's party and classic car? Try it and surely the party will be unforgettable to our little friends!

What we can do for you...

  • Phaethon Wedding Cars is a subsidiary of Phaeton Museum. The company’s purpose is to hire cars for various social venues such as weddings, christenings, special events, anniversaries, private tours to tourists, VIP transportation, outdoor photoshoots, etc.
  • In the following pages you are going to have a look at the vehicles available with a driver. Furthermore, you can visit the Phaethon Museum so that you can look at the cars.
  • Early scheduling is an additional facilitation for hiring custom-made vehicles that may require more preparation time.....
  • Our company may exceptionally provide special vehicles - exhibits for rental that were owned by former VIP owners who were Famous both locally and internationally !!!!
  • The company’s specialized staff can inform you about the prices, the company’s regulations, the vehicles’ availability, the available dates and answer to any of your questions.

Why us...


Together with each vehicle, our company will also provide you with an experienced driver to transport you.

Famous Cars

Travel with cars that have their own history, and once belonged to famous from all over the world!

Phaeton Museum

All of our cars are exhibits of the Phaethon car Museum, and you can admire them closely.