ALFA ROMEO Giulia nova 1977

Code: CL0001

  • ALFA ROMEO was founded in 1906 as a subsidiary of French DARRACQ and its factory was sold in 1910 to Italian ANONYMA LOMBARDA FABBRICA AUTOMOBILI (ALFA) .From 1920 Nicola Romeo added its name to the original ALFA name when the first post-war model of the company, designed by Merosi RL with its 2916cc six-cylinder engine debuting. In 1962 he presented the new Giulia and a year later ALFA ROMEO built a factory in Arezzo near Milan, which started the production line in 1963 with Giulia SprintGT. In the same year the model GIULIA TZ (Tubolare Zagato) with Zagato chassis was released.
  • The car was originally produced with a 1300cc crankcase and followed by the 1600cc versions. The production line was closed in 1977 with Giulia Nova with a 1785 cc engine. The car left a season around the world especially in Europe because it combined the versatility of a four-door Sedan as a city-city car with outstanding performance on the road, excellent brakes with front and rear discs and a neat four cylinder engine that brought 2 cams on the head with characteristic exhaust noise that was worshiped by ALFISTI, while at the same time the engine was infinitely responsive for increased efficiency up to 60% in addition to its rated power.
  • The Car participated in many races with triumphant victories in its category.
  • A new GIULIA 1300cc in 1970 cost in our country 72,000 drachmas
  • The car was fully upgraded by the Technical Department of the Museum according to the original technical specifications of the manufacturer. In addition, the interior has upholstery of high quality leather, which was customary in its time only with a special order.
  • This particular car was registered in our country in 1977 and excelled in many races of the Greek Championship