ALFA ROMEO GT Veloce 1977

Code: CL0002

  • In 1968 the 1750 Berlina made its debut and at the same time the new upgraded engine installed in the coupe resulting in the arrival of 1750 GTV. The new engine of 1779cc with 118bhp, and 1750 GTV also won two additional headlights, and 30mm silkscreen as well as a set of smaller body modifications. The 1750s were also intended for racing events, but since the regulations allowed engines up to 2000cc the engines were upgraded to 1985cc as well as the fuel injection system. This version was known as 1750 GTAm (magiorata or expanded). Only 40 of them were produced during 1970 and 1971, but enough to score a significant number of victories, including the European Touring Car Championship in 1970.
  • Similarly, in 1971 when the new 2000 Berlina was introduced with the engine (1962cc & 132bhp) put back on the coupe and so was born in 2000 GTV produced alongside the 1300 and 1750 edition. Few changes were made externally and internally in the car. Some of the 2000 GTV models were also made with a differential lock. The GTAm was renamed 2000 GTAm to indicate the new model.
  • The current car is powered by a 2000cc engine of 136hp, 4-cylinder, water cooled with 2 camshafts, 2 Weber 45mm electric car, 5-speed electric gearbox and 25% differential lock, 4-wheel disc brakes and 2 servo brakes.