ALPHA ROMEO 1750 1956

Code: CL0003

  • The name '1750' gives tribute to the memory of Vittorio Jano and the beautiful 1750s he had designed in the 1930s. The '' new 1750 '' of 1968 replaced Giulia and was designed to offer the 'mature' buyers, Alfisti, high performance and horsepower combined with excellent comfort. This new bodywork was very smooth. Ample spaces in the interior, in the trunk and in the bonnet! She made her debut by winning the 24 hours of Francochamps. The four cars that started ended in the top four in the car production category.
  • The 1750 Saloon was introduced at the Torino Auto Show in 1970, with some revolutionary inventions of the era that are still being used today, such as the dual brake circuit, iodine lamps and clutch pedal and hinged brakes on the top.