BMW Isetta 300 1954

Code: CL0006

  • The well-known German automaker BMW, in 1955, licensed the Italian ISETTA automobile buckets to which it had its own modified 298cc single cylinder motors with headlamp valves.
  • It was such a great success in the International Market as the car appeared as SMART CAR at that time.
  • Thus, the Company successfully faced the big financial crisis that was going through that period due to the collapse of sales of its motorcycles.
  • The car stands out because: It has an asymmetrical placement of the two rear wheels in relation to the front, which is why it was named by the users of the Lakau-grapachra. It has a front door with a split steering mechanism, and two right-handed right-handles, it is two-seater, otherwise it has 4 speeds + reverse, starter, radiator, 12V accumulator ie normal car.
  • In our country, it was classified as a Tricycle, that is today, with the applicable provisions, it could circulate freely in the Ring.
  • The opening roof that bears and makes Cabriolet was imposed by the German TUV for safety reasons to be granted a Type Approval. The top speed reaches 90km. In the photo the small side of the car is Michael Schumacher at the age of 2 years.