CHEVROLET Tourer 1928

Code: CL0011

  • Billy Durant recently resigned from GM to work with Luis Chevrolet racing driver and with the help of engineer Etienne Planche created the standard four-cylinder and six-cylinder car engines using a garage as a lab in Detroit.
  • The six-cylinder engine enters the production stage since 1912 and immediately sells 2,999 of these vehicles. In 1913, the company moved to a factory in Flind where it is building another model called Little Four. In the same year, Mr. Chevrolet resigns. At the end of 1929, Tourer, whose name was a term used in the US at the beginning of the century, came into production and corresponded to the current term "Cabrio". So it was called in the 1920s, in the US the 4-seater and 4-door open middle class car.
  • In the Tourer, the engine lubricating oil had to be refreshed every 160 kilometers and the suspensions were lubricated and controlled at the beginning of each season of the year (four times a year).
  • This particular car was introduced from Australia (Right Man) because it was the personal car of the then Australian Prime Minister.