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  • They said he was 20 years ahead of his time.
  • 20 years later, he was still ahead. When will the others get caught up? The most advanced car in the world in 1955 the Citroen DS continued to produce for twenty years and even surpassed its contemporaries. Revolutionary in appearance, it became a symbol of Leading French Technology and not only its era. Similar to Spaceship when it first appeared, some thought the DS was very strange.
  • The DS, however, was the first production car with front disc brakes. Among its innovations was its independent hydro-pneumatic suspension, and the 4-stroke replacing the conventional springs and shock absorbers that all the production cars of that era were required. The car was also produced in a semi-automatic version without a clutch. The headlamps are rotated with the front wheels. The 1911cc water cooled four-cylinder engine originally had a horsepower of 75 hp. Later, Citroen made several major improvements, eventually reaching the 2347cc engine, and a 105hp output reaching a final 200km / h with a consumption of 38km / gal.
  • Mechanical developments followed that made the car safer as well as more manageable and efficient.
  • The Citroen DS successfully participated in the hard Monte Carlo Rallye and had many successes in East African Safari Rallye, being "grandfather" now of all endurance events. The Rallye Safari races were a hard-hitting test, such as today's Off-Roads, where the DS was really showing off its skills with this particular predominantly hygienic suspension.
  • The car was used by many well-known politicians and was the favorite of French President De Gaulle. He appeared in movies, such as "The Day of Jackal," and he was the Phantom car that was taking off in the wings with aircraft wings coming out of the back doors. Today the car rarely appears on the streets and is a special example of a classic Classic car where many people would like to drive.