DAIMLER Conquest Century 1959

Code: CL0013

  • The company was founded in 1896 by H.J.Lawson and based in Coventry, UK, started producing cars a year later.
  • In the matter of engines, making performance retreats, for the sake of smooth operation, adopted engines with lateral valves and slightly reduced horsepower.In 1953 the base for the construction of DAIMLER CONQUEST was created.
  • The present car was the Churchil adjuster, is the improved version, with a 6-cylinder 102hp engine and a capacity of 2433cc, and was put in production in the period 1954-1958 and features Hydraulic Semi-automatic / preselected gearbox.
  • In addition, the interior has upholstery of high quality leather, which was customary in its time only with a special order.