Code: CL0018

  • Giovanni Agnelli and Biscaretti di Ruffia and di Bricherasio founded the "FABRICA ITALIANA AYTOMOBILI TORINO" (FIAT) Automobile Industry which started its activities by acquiring Ceirano.
  • The Company has had a successful presence with a multitude of models since the beginning of the century. At the end of 1936, the first "immortal" "TOPOLINO" (Mickey Mouse) Tipo 500 was produced. The latest models of "TOPOLINO", the 500C sold more than 1,000,000 copies until the end of the 1960s.
  • This car has a 4-cylinder, 569cc, 16-horsepower, 565cc engine and was produced in 1953. The car was fully upgraded by the Technical Department of the Museum according to the original technical specifications of the manufacturer. In addition, the interior is with fabric, which was customary in its time only with a special order.
  • The car has won a host of Design and Superiority of Flexibility and Technology to date.