FORD Phaeton 35A Standard 1929

Code: CL0019

  • Under French terminology, PHAETON represented the 4-seater open cars and was the name of the model given to the car by FORD. Basically, the name "FAETHON" comes from Greek Mythology and is the name of the Son of the Sun. At the beginning of the century, the term was often used instead of the term "bay" by several Automotive companies. From 1936 onwards in the United States, it was synonymous with the term "Conservatory / Sedan".
  • The current -MODEL A-car, was the first production car to incorporate a safety glass windscreen and adopted a 4-speed mechanical brake assembly with a 3-speed gearbox with a sliding shaft. The particular car was originally launched as a taxi in Kekrara and was later declassified, with the signs IX borrowed from his owner for 6 months to Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos.
  • More than 1,000,000 of these cars were sold in the first 16 months of its production, marking a record that still remains impermanent today.