FORD Thunderbird 1962

Code: CL0020

  • After an in-house $ 250 prize competition, Stylist Alden Giberson won, suggesting the name Thunderbird for the new Ford model. Indeed, it was a car that stood out for its casting lines, particularly in the Cabrio version, while it was equipped with a 30 ° steering wheel to the passenger's side. So the car played in many successful Hollywood films with a loving honey story. Ford put it on the market as a personal luxury car, a brand new car brand, with rich interior luxury and style.
  • In addition the car was produced with two powerful engines of 300 or 360 hp V8 with automatic transmission and outstanding performance for the season. Thus, Thunderbird, with various modifications, participated in many racing events such as NASCAR and others. Finally, the first-time car was awarded the 1961 annual competition as "The Car of the Year", while the current 5-seat version was produced in 37,892 units.