Code: CL0023

  • Emile Jellinek, a Hungarian-Austrian diplomat at Nis and a representative of DAIMLER cars, convinced Wilhelm Maybah to design a few lower, lighter and stronger cars for him that Jellinek "baptized" with the name of his older daughter , MERCEDES.
  • After the end of the war, the rebuilding of the company took some time and the first post-war car was the 170SV, equipped with a side-valve engine and first production in 1947.
  • This car is fitted with a 1587cc 4-cylinder water-cooled engine, rear drive and a gearshift lever on the steering wheel. The front doors open to the opposite, and the suspension carries an automatic lubrication system.
  • The SV series is distinguished by the particularity of the front suspension fitted with a transversely mounted tribrach with the ends of which are connected to the front scissors.
  • The car had great commercial success and its production after the war exceeded 1,000,000 units.