MORRIS 8 1956

Code: CL0025

  • The British bicycle manufacturer mr. OXFORD, who was a car dealer William Morris, sold his first car - the 2-seat Morris-Oxford - in 1913 at the price of £ 180. Mass production of the factory began after the end of World War II. MORRIS entered the small car market in 1929.
  • MORRIS made "the production of the 918cc Series 1 Eight in 1935, a year in which 32 different models were available for sale. The release of Eight continued until 1938, with the production of 250,000 units, giving it the title of the biggest selling of the decade.
  • This particular car is a 1938 with a 4-cylinder 918cc engine powered by a 24hp power and 6V System and was owned by the Madamme Tussaud family of the well-known wax museum in London.
  • The car was fully upgraded by the Technical Department of the Museum according to the original technical specifications of the manufacturer. In addition, the living room has upholstery of high quality leather, which was customary in its time only with a special order.