SAAB 96 1964

Code: CL0031

  • Saab 96: Saab's "quintessence."
    The Saab 96 was first introduced in 1960 and continued to be produced by 1980, 20 years. It is of Scandinavian origin. The first line of model 96 was built in Sweden and the last in Finland.
  • The 96, 1964 model, like as shown or the bull-nose, is the car that has made the Saab brand internationally known and is distinguished by its innovations in terms of safety and its great successes in international competitions who have consolidated the reputation, credibility and endurance of the brand internationally. The Saab 96 has been associated with famous racing drivers such as Erik Carlsson, Simo Lampinen, Per Eklund, Pat Moss-Carlsson, Tom Trana, Stig Blomqvist, Carl Orrenius, Ove Anderson, and others.
  • It has also starred in many films and series, including "Throw Momma from the Train", "Weidsville", "The Baron", "Adult Swim", etc.
  • This vehicle is a two-stroke, 850cc, front-wheel drive, with a carburetor and three-cylinder engine, 4 speeds and burns gasoline and oil together.