SINGER Gazelle V 1964

Code: CL0032

  • The name SINGER Gazelle has been attributed to two generations of vehicles by the British manufacturer of the Rootes Group, using the Singer brand. The category that belonged was between the basic version of Hillman and the most sporty versions of Sunbeam.
  • The Gazelle V was released for the first time in August 1963, after the upgrading of Hillman Minx. It has an improved bodywork, a luxury lounge with walnut dashboard and larger rear doors.
  • The front brakes got trays and since 1964 the Company has installed a new synchronized gearbox.
  • This vehicle has a 1600 cc four-cylinder engine with a power of 78 hp and carries a carburetor.
  • The 13-inch wheels have front suspensions with spiral springs, and the rear system has a rigid shaft with semi-elliptical shutters.
  • This vehicle combines luxury with "type" and stands out especially.