Volkswagen Type 2

Code: CU0010

  • Volkswagen was founded in 1937 as a public company by the then Nazi government. Because the facilities of a full automotive industry were not there, Adolf Hitler decided to create them by confiscating the estates of a nobleman, Werner von Schulenberg of Wolfsburg, and created the premises there. Thus, the factory and the town built around it, took the name Wolfsburg.
  • The production of this small truck is due to the Dutchman Ben Pon, who was the official importer of VW and who had in mind Rumpler Trofenwagen and Dymaxion, but they never came to production. Europe required post-war "post-war" capacity to rebuild much more than cars for individuals. Together with his design team he laid the bases and order on April 23, 1947! He became a truck, open, double cab, motor bus and motorized. (Experimental VI)